Zero waste. Zero worries.

We treat our environment with respect—just like we treat our customers.

With more than 20 years of sustainable cooking experience, we bring mindfully prepared plates to every table.

Local & organic

We know our growers, and our relationships with them strengthen rural economies, preserve family farming and diversify the food network that serves our Chicagoland clientele. They provide us with the superior products we use to create dishes that honor our heritage.

Zero-waste kitchen

We pride ourselves on running a zero-waste kitchen. All scraps and waste products from preparation, serving and cleanup are composted or recycled. After a Zullo’s event, none of the materials used go into a landfill. This includes utensils, tablecloths, napkins, serving trays and more.

Zullo’s and the farmers’ markets

We’re close with our farmers. We’ve worked alongside them for years and know the value of freshly sourced produce. These personal relationships connect us to the best ingredients in the Chicago community. But we let the food do the talking—we love sharing plates and smiles with locals at each of our market booths.